On common ground

Carrying out business based on common values and mutual expectations results in stronger relationships and better results.

I love to work with people who share my values and professional mindset.

I believe in

These values enable me to build better products and long-lasting loyal relationships with partners and clients.


I intentionally dedicate time to master new technologies and keep up-to-date in my area of expertise. Education Tuesday instead of casual Friday.

This enables me to deliver real value to my clients, not just plain hours.


As a knowledge worker I give my brain permission to rest between work and education. So you'll always get the best of me.

This is why I support a healthy work/education/life balance with clear boundaries – without compromising on flexibility.

I recharge my devices, myself and my knowledge regularly.


This manifest is my promise to you and the benchmark to myself:

I am excited to build a long-lasting business relationship with you! Interested in what I can do for you?